The Heart of a Leader

Most basketball fans would say Michael Jordan was the best when it came to game-winning shots. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that MJ would take that final shot. And not many of us ever thought of betting against him. Why? Because he had heart! He had the confidence to say “I want the ball in my hands for the final shot.” His ability to handle this type of pressure is the result of having a prepared heart to deal with it. He was one of the most poised players ever and handled pressured situations like he had been doing it all of his life.

This type of confidence was developed out of much practice and preparation. We’ve all heard it before – the more we put in the more we get out. The heart of a leader is developed by what is put inside it. And whatever is in your heart determines your ability to handle the tension, stress, and strain of this life.

To handle the pressures of life the way Jesus handled them your heart must be filled with:

  1. The Holy Spirit
    1. In the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, in Luke 4:1 it says that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Compassion
    1. In Mark 6:34, we see an clear example of how Jesus lead with a heart of compassion for people.
  3. Service
    1. In the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus’ disciples saw this as an obstacle to serve while He looked at it as an opportunity to serve.

The heart of a leader is the most essential component of leadership. In the book “Lead Like Jesus” authors Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges, says that “in teaching people to lead like Jesus, we have found that effective leadership starts on the inside, it is a heart issue.

Is your heart in the right place for effective leadership? This week, focus on the areas of your heart that need growth in order to become a better leader.


Not So With You

2012 can be your best year ever…only if you make the decision to do some things differently. Just this week at work I heard someone define insanity as “doing the same thing but expecting a different result”.  Wow! Are you expecting better results this year without the commitment of doing things differently? This question doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water and start completely over. I realize there are some accomplishments you made last year that need no adjusting. However, there are some practices and habits that resulted in dead ends in 2011 and must be changed.  These adjustments to your family plans, career plans, financial plans, etc., all hinge upon your ability to lead.

So what is leadership? In the book “Lead Like Jesus” by authors Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges, leadership is defined as “the ability to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of people.”Jesus addressed his disciples about leadership with an intriguing statement – “not so with you” (Matthew 20:25-26).  In other words, our leadership must be different. To achieve better results in 2012 we must take bold steps in doing things differently.

Consider these five practical things that all great leaders do to achieve maximum results:
  1. Leaders mobilize others to join the mission/vision of the organization
  2. Leaders coach others to be successful
  3. Leaders empower others to carry out the mission
  4. Leaders serve others and are not driven by self-promotion
  5. Leaders reproduce themselves in the life of the people around them.

Your desire to achieve more, be more, and do more in 2012 starts with your influence. Do something differently today to make this a victorious year!

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