Just a Friend?

How many of you have ever been introduced as “a friend”? You’ve been hanging out with a person for quite some time but, all too often the introduction is the same – “she’s just a friend”, or “he’s just a friend”. For most of us this isn’t anything unusual. But what does the title ‘friend’ really mean? Without forcing an answer on you, I’ll allow you to think about it and answer it yourself while I take a bold step to expose my thoughts.
ImageI must admit that I have introduced female acquaintances as friends. And in those instances, it was just that. She was a friend — at least those were my thoughts. Now, if you asked for her point of view, the answer may have been quite different. Maybe she thought we were more than just friends. Maybe she wanted to be more than friends.  Nonetheless, I stood my ground to let the public know she was just a friend.
Now this stream of thought characterizes modern dating to the fullest extent. Biblical dating, however, is vastly different. Modern dating assumes that a person will “play the field” until the right person is found. While biblical dating has the goal to be with one person of the opposite sex with marriage as the destination. I hear you loud and clear that this is old school! But I defend the fact that there is nothing old about God and His desire for your to live a holy life (1 Thessalonians 4:1-8). Yes it’s hard but I know some of you are doing it. So, what are your thoughts about being introduced as a friend? How do you date, while trying to live out your faith?